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What are "documentation fees" in a copier lease?


This is the most common fee charged on copier leases – it varies from $ 75 to $ 250 as a one-time fee charged with your first invoice. This fee is supposed to reimburse the vendor / leasing company for credit checks and filing UCC documents.

Who would be servicing my copy machine / photocopier device?


Dependind on your location and brand selected, your copier will be serviced by the manufacturer directly. A few locations or product may be serviced by the local authorized dealers instead of the manufacturer directly. If you have a question about service response times for your location, please contact us with the zip code of the proposed unit installation and also the Make / Model # of the unit you are proposing to lease. All the technicians authorized to provide service are factory trained and certified in the respective models

I have a existing copier lease from another copier brand, but would like to lease a different brand. Can you help with the buyout and termination of the old lease?


Buyouts and lease terminations is a process that is brand independant. Depending on your existing leasing company, there would be several nuances that are specific to your case, however the general overall process remains same. Feel free to call / email us to discuss in more details. We have a lot of experience in handling lease terminations and buyouts.



Who would be our contact person / email for service?

Your local contact for service and supplies would be indicated to you at the time of delivery. You can always email us via the contact us page or submit a ticket from the FAQ pages.



We are new in business. Can we still lease with Smart Copier Lease?

In a word - YES - you are eligible for a copier lease. As the business owner, you may be required to sign a personal guaranty for the copier lease. In some cases, leasing companies may also accept a cross-corporate guarantee.



What if I find a lower price on your website for a copier I have already ordered?

Our pricing is dynamic and is dependant on manufacturer promotions and holdbacks, leasing interest rates and release of newer models. If the price difference exceeds more than 5% for the overall configuration selected, we would be happy to refund the d


Whenever parts are required for the copier, are the parts provided genuine/ OEM?

Only genuine/ OEM parts are used when servicing a copier in the field. Since all parts and labor are covered under the mainteance agreement, it is in our mutual best interest to use genuine long lasting parts to service your device.


What if we accidentally damage our leased copier?

We recommend that you protect the copier under your own property insurance certificate - naming the leasing company as the loss payee. At the commencement of the lease, the leasing company would also offer to cover your copier under their insurance program.


When do I make my first monthly payment?

Your first payment will be made when you sign the lease agreement and send it back to us. Please note that this is NOT a down payment - it is applied to your lease as the first payment.


Can you help with the buyout of my current copier?

We would be delighted to share our expertise regarding buyouts. Please email us or submit a ticket and a knowledgeable team member will be in touch.